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Marine Environment

Lighting for Protected Marine Environments

Every year female sea turtles come onto Florida beaches and lay their eggs. The survival of the hatchlings has been challenged by crabs, birds, and even the journey out of the concave nest. Another danger, and considered by many to be THE largest danger to baby sea turtle survival is ambient light. By nature, the hatchlings navigate towards the brightest area. This used to be the ocean, where the night light would reflect off of the water. With the growing population of oceanside cities, the ambient light produced has misdirected the hatchlings further onto land getting them lost and in most cases killing them.

Beacon Products has joined the effort to help reduce ambient light. By offering options such as special shielding and amber LEDs we provide a lighting solution that is evironmentally friendly.

As a leader in environmentally friendly, energy-efficient outdoor lighting, Beacon Products is also uniquely located in the heart of Southwest Florida. Over our 30 year history, our world-class lighting products and earth-friendly finishing processes have stood the test of time in some of the harshest marine environements.

The UrbanLED lighting platform is an extension of our LED technology and environmental conscience. Through the use of Beacon's amber LED tecbhnology, specially designed optics and a versatile full-cutoff luminare, the UrbanLED platform is suitable for use in ecologically sensative areas, sea turtle nesting areas, migratory corridors and Dark Sky friendly communities.

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