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Braid / Grounding Jumpers


Providing Flexible Grounding and Power Options. As one of our signature products, BURNDY offers Braid Assemblies or grounding jumper — an economical and efficient means of protecting electrical equipment from the potentially harmful effects of :
  • Shock and vibration
  • Terminal or connection area expansion due to temperature changes
  • Movement of components
  • Misalignment that may occur during the service life of electrical equipment and machinery
  • Seasonal movement of outdoor equipment (common in substations)


In addition, braid or grounding jumper absorbs shock and vibration of operating equipment by providing flexible, current carrying loads between moving parts of heavy machinery and equipment.. To provide this level of flexibility, braid / grounding jumper is made out of woven and flattened tinned (or untinned), pure copper wire. Then, seamless, pure copper ferrules are formed and assembled on each end to provide appropriate contact surfaces. This design ensures :
  • Higher amperage ratings versus an equivalent round conductor
  • Versatility in adapting to unusual orientations
  • Better heat dissipation over other conductor types (i.e., flat bar, strip or cable)