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Benefits of IMPLO® Technology

Installation Productivity


Multiple Connections
Multiple IMPLO connectors can be installed simultaneously. This is particularly useful in the dead-ending of towers, where efficiency gains of up to 60% are easily achievable.

Easy Stringing
The IMPLO splice can be pulled through stringing blocks without damaging the conductor and without any splice degradation. This enables faster installation and allows multiple reels to be pulled in a single run. This versatility gives the project manager a great deal of latitude in selecting locations to situate pulling stations and tensioning equipment. The management of environmental concerns is made easier through this versatility, and construction projects can be carried out with less disruption to the environment.

Because IMPLO connectors need no equipment for installation, they can be installed in any terrain and in almost any weather condition. Installation can be done in the air as well as on the ground.

No Secondary Processes Required
IMPLO connections are virtually void free, eliminating the need for oxide inhibitor. Additionally, the resulting smooth connection requires no filing and operates corona free.

Reduced Cost
Due to the ability to be pulled through stringing blocks and the ability to swiftly create multiple deadend connections, installation time savings up to 60% are achievable versus hydraulic compression.

Live Line Installation
IMPLO connectors can be safely installed on a live line or in close proximity to other live lines.


No Equipment Needed
Hydraulic compression requires equipment to connect high voltage conductors. This can be cumbersome, time consuming and expensive to use. IMPLO® connectors do not require hydraulic equipment. IMPLO technology is more versatile, makes a superior connection, and is faster and easier to install. This yields significant savings in construction time and cost.



Complete Compression
IMPLO connections consistently outperform conventional compression connections. Complete compression virtually eliminates oxide growth and mitigates moisture egress into the connection. All of this yields greatly improved connector longevity.

High Strength

The holding power of IMPLO connections are designed to exceed 100% of the RBS of the conductor. The completed joint is uniformly smooth, with no sanding or filling required.

No Birdcaging

IMPLO connectors provide a fully compressed, uniformly smooth and straight fitting with no birdcaging of the conductor. The process does not bow or elongate the connector and compression occurs only in the radial direction. This allows splices to be installed in close proximity to one another or to other line hardware.

High Quality
IMPLO connectors eliminate many installation variables commonly found in traditional hydraulic compression. This ensures high quality connections every time.

Non-destructive field inspection is immediate without the need for X-ray or other expensive equipment.

High Temperature Applications

IMPLO connections are designed to operate at temperatures 40% lower than the conductor. This eliminates the possibility of hot spots.



Land Conservation
IMPLO connections are an excellent choice for environmentally sensitive areas because they can be pulled through stringing blocks. This reduces the total number of pulling sites and eliminates the need to build new roads to access work sites. In addition, IMPLO reduces the need for hazardous materials on the work site since no gas or hydraulic fluid is needed.




IMPLO has more than 35 years of proven field application around the world.

BURNDY has experienced and dedicated field resources for training and project coordination, including a logistics team knowledgeable in the needs of the transmission market.

Testing & Qualification
BURNDY has technical resources dedicated to the advancement of industry standards including internal testing and standards qualification capabilities.