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Grounding & Power

Grounding and Power markets


thermOweld® has been providing high quality exothermic bonding,grounding and related products to the Grounding & Power, Utility, Cathodic markets worldwide since 1958.

thermOweld® services the grounding and power market domestically and internationally through Electrical Distributors. This is an all-encompassing field that includes Commercial and Industrial Buildings and Equipment, Telecom, Lightning Protection, Grounding Products, Government Projects (FAA, Waste Water Treatment Facilities), as well as many other grounding needs.

Regardless of the requirements, thermOweld® provides a long list of products for your Cathodic needs. thermOweld® has the quickest lead-time in the industry. We offer a variety of exothermic products and accessories listed in our World Master Catalog

thermOweld ® is recognized in the industry for not only providing Great Customer Service but being engaged in Problem Solving, Providing Fast Response Time and Effective Solutions. We now offer a "Same Day Service" (SDS) to allow us to respond to your needs quicker. Please contact us for assistance with your specific needs.

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