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Hipotronics 60th Anniversary

What a difference 60 years makes! In 1962, Stanley Peschel had a vision to create high voltage electrical test equipment for the wire and cable industry. We were among the first to build this equipment and we’re still with you. Today, underground cable networks and substations around the world have been tested by Hipotronics products.

A history with high potential

Stanley derived the Hipotronics name from the phrase HIgh POTential ElectRONICS. He was awarded over 20 US and International patents throughout his career. They included AC series resonant technology, the ultra-high voltage DC generator, and the Peschel variable regulating transformer (PVT). These are still in use today.

  • 1962 Constructed original manufacturing facility in Brewster, New York
  • 1969 Built our first AC Resonant Test System
    • Test larger loads at higher voltages without increased input power requirements
  • 1970s Introduced motor test systems
    • Some customers still use these legacy systems 50 years later!
  • 1980s Opened sales to international markets
    • Growing global infrastructure generated a substantial portion of sales
  • 1990 Named by Forbes Magazine among the Top 200 small companies in America
  • 1992 Acquired by Hubbell Incorporated
  • 1995 Acquired Robinson Instruments
    • Provided entry into the partial discharge measurement market
  • 1999 Expanded our global footprint with Hubbell’s acquisition of Haefely
  • 2006 Introduced new automated PLC controller design for the 700 series
  • 2011 Took the show on the road with our mobile sales demonstration van
  • 2012 Concentrated wave of new product development
    • X-WAVE primary cable fault locator
    • 600kV Mobile MSR test system
    • UHVDC frequency converter with PD measurement
  • 2015 Introduced our new digital interface for the 800PL DC line
  • 2018 Launched KVM-W, one of the first wireless HV kilovoltmeters
    • Controlled through mobile devices
  • 2019 Released 880PL-HD Hipot tester with the ability to test longer duty cycles
    • Equipped with a 7” touchscreen
  • 2019 Introduced 700-DI AC dielectric test set with digital controls
    • Offered better regulation, accuracy, and larger test voltage range
  • 2019 Simplified line for customers by selling off Haefely
  • 2020 Released HIPODirect App
    • Wirelessly connects our products to mobile device control
  • 2021 Launched iHV state-of-the-art digital controller for new and legacy systems
  • 2021 Revamped D149 breakdown testers with DC capability and wireless measurement
  • 2021 Began relocating manufacturing to Hubbell’s ISO Certified Reading, Pennsylvania facility
    • Allows us to expand our operations and service capabilities
  • 2022 Completed relocation to Reading, celebrate 60 years

It’s critical to test the insulation integrity of electrical equipment before it’s placed into service. Many utilities and manufacturers, including Hubbell, use our equipment to safeguard their products. You can count on our product capabilities and performance to ensure your product quality.

Building future-proof testing

We grew quickly from humble beginnings. From the early DC wire sparker, to the patented PVT, and the movable core reactor for large resonant systems, we are preparing for the connected factories of the future. Look for more wireless control, customizable software, and cloud-based real-time data solutions.