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Clear-Jacket Copper Grounding Cable, 1/0

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: S7568

Copper Grounding Cable is extra-flexible for handling ease yet strong and tough for long wear. Jacketing is smooth, abrasion, weather and oilresistant in accordance with applicable ASTM Specifications, marked with AWG size approximately every 4 feet. Clear jackets (which allow visual inspection of strand conditions) are ultraviolet inhibited Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). Recommended low temperature for PVC-jacketed cable is 0˚F. Extra-flexible cables, because of their extra-fine strands, require termination ferrules when used with grounds.

Product Details


Weight 0.451 lb

Electrical Ratings

Current Rating 250 A
Fault Current - 15 Cycles 21000 A
Fault Current - 30 Cycles 15000 A

Conductor Related

Conductor Size 1/0 AWG
Diameter - Cable Outside 0.66 In
Diameter - Conductor .41 in
Nema Color Clear
Strands 1,045



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