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Emergency Lighting Control

Emergency lighting is a critical component when laying out a lighting system. The system requirements are defined by local codes which determine the amount of emergency lighting required to meet minimum lighting levels during a loss of power. How these levels are attained is dependent on the design of the lighting system. Hubbell Control Solutions' emergency lighting bypass lighting controls offer several options for emergency lighting applications.

HCS offers a full line of emergency power controls to sense a power outage and control the lights to meet UL924 requirements. The shunt relay is used on designated emergency lights to shunt or bypass around the lighting controls when a normal power outage occurs. The emergency power control device is used when normal and emergency lights are both being controlled by the lighting control panel, and when an outage occurs, normal lights are turned Off and emergency lights automatically turn On to meet emergency lighting requirements.

Emergency Bypass Lighting Control Features:

  • UL924 Listed for use in emergency lighting systems
  • Available with either 120VAC Coil or 277VAC Coil
  • 20 Amp 120/277VAC Relay

Suggested Applications:

  • Classroom
  • Corridors
  • Conference Rooms
  • Open Offices

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