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Emergency Lighting Controls

Branch Circuit Emergency Lighting Control Transfer Switch

By Hubbell Control Solutions  
The UL1008BCELTS1277 is specifically listed for branch circuit emergency lighting control under the new UL standards.

Low Voltage Emergency Remote Test Button

By Hubbell Control Solutions  
The Hubbell Control Solutions' Low Voltage Emergency Remote Test Button is designed to provide the ability to remotely test the emergency circuit in a space. The stainless steel latching button provides clear indication, when depressed, of an active test.

UL924 Automatic Load Relay

By Hubbell Control Solutions  
UL924 Automatic Load Control Relay

Bypass Shunt Relays

By Hubbell Control Solutions  
UL 924 Enclosed 20 Amp Bypass Shunt Relays

UL924 Flush Mount Relay

By Hubbell Control Solutions  
Flush Mount Emergency Load Control Relay
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