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Oil & Gas

Hubbell Industrial Controls offers a wide range of automation and control products for the oil and gas industry. Designed and manufactured for harsh and hazardous environments, our products bring dependability to your drilling and pumping solutions.

DC Contactors

Hubbell's DC Contactors are in great demand by industries needing reliable solid-state adjustable speed drives and uninterruptible power supplies. Our DC Contactors are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Metron Fire Pump Controllers

Metron's micropresseor based fire pump controllers conform to the latest requirements of the NFPA 20 and bear the labels of Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual. Our dependable controllers are technologically advanced and patent protected.


Powerohm Resistors

Powerohm produces power resistor and chopper module solutions for automation and motor control as well as Neutral Grounding Resistors, High Resistance Grounding (HRG) Pulsers, Harmonic Filter Network Resistors, and Transit Resistors.  


Product Categories