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Industrial Manufacturing

You can trust Hubbell Industrial Lighting for all of your Manufacturing needs.

General manufacturing encompasses facilities such as auto and appliance assemblers, circuit board and electronic manufactures, textile, furniture and shoe makers. These are typically cleaner areas that will accept light fixtures that are only damp location listed and much less well sealed. Many of these industries make consumer goods where color discrimination is very important. This requires adequate level of light and high CRI sources. It is more common for these facilities to generate little process heat and to have better environmental temperature control, reducing the need for light fixtures that can withstand high ambient temperatures.

  • Damp Location Rated Fixtures are Typically Acceptable
  • Color Discrimination may be Important
  • Fixtures Rated for High Ambient Temperatures are not Necessary
  • Exterior
  • Life Safety
    Life Safety
  • Production Floor
    Manufacturing Floor
  • Offices
  • Racks and Loading
    Racks & Loading
  • Stairwell
  • Task