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Dome Closure 790 OPGW Standard Tray Holder

By Hubbell Power Systems 

Catalog ID: PSCO7902xxxyyyS

By Hubbell Power Systems
Catalog ID:  PSCO7902xxxyyyS
DOME CLOSURE 790 OPGW STANDARD TRAY HOLDER WITH EXPRESS BRACKET (Replace xxx with OD of OPGW and yyy with OD of central tube (if SS tubes, “000”))

Product Details


Cable Diameter for Backbone Ports - Maximum 1.125"
Cable Diameter for Laterial Ports - Maximum 0.875"
Number Of Ports 8
Number of OPGW Cables - Maximum 4
Number of Trays - Maximum 12
Single Fusion Splice Capacity - Maximum 288

Resources and Downloads


Hubbell Power Systems 570 Splice Closures for OPGW Cable (VI12001E0418)