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Stud Connector, Aluminum


Catalog ID: ADSC14119012

Catalog ID:  ADSC14119012
"Bolted Stud Connectors, Connecting Stud to Flat, Stud Dia./Thd.- 1-1/8”-12, Flat Bar width-4”, Material: Castings- Aluminum Alloy, Stud Mounting Hardware- Aluminum Alloy"

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    Product Details


    EU RoHS Indicator No
    Material Aluminum
    Material - Clamping Hardware Aluminum Alloy
    Number of Ground Braid Lug Holes 0
    Number of Stud Threads 12
    Type Stud to Cable
    UPC 096359281733


    Angle - Stud to Conductor 90 °
    Base Hole Spacing 0 in
    Diameter - Base Holes 0 in
    Diameter - Bolt 0 in
    Diameter - Inside 0 in
    Diameter - Stud 1.5 in
    Length - Coupling 0 in
    Length Before Compression 0 in
    Weight 1.960 lb

    Electrical Ratings

    Maximum Current Rating Amps Continuous 0

    Conductor Related

    Conductor Compatibility ACSR-Hen-477-30/7;ACSR-Osprey-556.5-18/1;ACSR-Parakeet-556.5-24/7;ACSR-Dove-556.5-26/7;ACSR-Eagle-556.5-30/7;ACSR-Peacock-605-24/7;ACSR-Squab-605-26/7;ACSR-Teal-605-30/19;ACSR-Kingbird-636-18/1;ACSR-Swift-636-36/1;ACSR-Rook-636-24/7;ACSR-Grosbeak-636-26/7;ACSR-Egret-636-30/19;ACSR-Flamingo-666.6-24/7;ACSR-Gannet-666.6-26/7;ACSR-Stilt-715.5-24/7;ACSR-Starling-715.5-26/7;ACSR-Redwing-715.5-30/19;ACSR-Coot-795-36/1;ACSR-Cuckoo-795-24/7;ACSR-Drake-795-26/7;ACSR-Tern-795-45/7;ACSR-Condor-795-54/7;AAC-Meadowsweet-600-37;AAC-Orchid-636-37;AAC-Flag-700-61;AAC-Violet-715.5-37;AAC-Nasturtium-715.5-61;AAC-Cattail-750-61;AAC-Arbutus-795-37;AAC-Lilac-795-61;AAC-Cockscomb-900-37;AAC-Snapdragon-900-61
    Conductor Diameter - Maximum 1.108 in
    Conductor Diameter - Minimum 0.87 in
    Conductor Diameter Range 0.87 - 1.108
    Conductor Type
    • AAC
    • ACSR

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