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Arm Mast

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: H486310

BI POD 3 PHASE ARM 10FT W/SQUARE ADAPTER, The Auxiliary Arm consists of a boom mast and arm of Epoxiglas®- construction for mounting on an insulated boom such as the Pitman Polecat®-. The arm is designed for use on light construction when handling multiple conductors. The two-legged mast can be mounted on square or rectangular shaped booms designed to handle 2,000 pounds or more. If boom units of lesser ratings are employed, the lifting and maneuvering application of this unit must be reduced accordingly. Mechanical rating for a balanced vertical load is 1,000 ounds maximum or a limit of the boom arm in the position used, whichever is the least. The 10' arm, recommended for use with braces only, is rated at 200 pounds per conductor holder. Chance C400-0268 roller wireholders are used on the Boom Auxiliary Arm and Mast. Each wireholer is rated for 100 lb. max. side load.

Product Details


EU RoHS Indicator No
Style Bipod Boom Auxiliary Arm
UPC 096359040996


Weight 121 lb