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Corner Restraint Bracket

By CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: T4002272

By CHANCE Utility
Catalog ID:  T4002272
Especially for energized changeout of insulators on distribution running-corner poles, this tool adds efficiency. In combination with a strap hoist, the Corner Restraint Bracket Tool helps control each phase conductor while insulators are changed. Throughout maintenance procedures, the bracket helps restrain the conductor while repairs are made. It also acts as a load restraint for the hoist to pull the conductor back in for reconnection to the insulator string. For maintenance by hotsticks or rubber-glove techniques, the Corner Restraint Bracket assists in isolating the strap hoist from the pole, a potential ground. It also avoids cutting a short section from a poleguard cover-up or using (and possibly damaging) a rubber blanket as a pad between the strap and the pole. To insulate the strap hoist, two 6"- or 12"-long link sticks connect the hoist’s hooks to hot-line grips on the conductor. Poleguards and rubber cover-up are required to isolate the phase being worked from ground and other phase potentials.
  • Bracket rigged on guy side of pole: Used where the conductor is pulled in only a short distance toward the pole.
  • Bracket rigged on conductor side of pole: Used where the conductor must be pulled in a considerable distance toward the pole.

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Weight 14.7 lb

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