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Complete Kit For Hotstick Trailer

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4031114
Tool trailers are usually equipped for maximum efficiency for a variety of Hotstick jobs. This 21-piece list contains the Universal Tools most frequently furnished with Chance Tool Trailers.

Complete Trouble Shooter Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4031612
Multi-duty kit includes six 4-foot sections of field-proven 1.25" Epoxiglas Universal Pole that snap together. Spring-loaded locking buttons permit uses at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24-foot lengths.

Universal Tool Kit for Ball Socket Insulators

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4031113
This 7-piece list contains those Universal Tools required to handle cotter keys, bolts and hardware on ball and socket type suspension or deadend insulator.

Universal Tool Kit For Clevis Type Insulators

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4031112
This 10-piece list contains the Universal Tools normally used to handle cotter keys, bolts and insulator hardware for insulator control on Clevis-tongue type suspension or deadend insulator strings.
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