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Vertical Break Vee Switch, Aluminum (AVRV)

The AVRV is a three insulator, vertical break outdoor air disconnect switch constructed primarily of aluminum. Operation is accomplished by rotation of the rear insulator. Unique construction methods proven through years of field experience, coupled with simple design concepts provide ease of operation.
  • Fully Compliant with ANSI/IEEE C37.30.1
  • Vertical Break Operation
  • Slanted Jaw Insulator for Compact Mounting Requirements
  • 27kV – 245kV
  • 1200A – 3000A
  • Rotating Blade Mechanism
  • Reverse Loop Contacts
  • Laminated Shunt Hinge
  • Double Row Stainless Steel Bearing
  • Compatible with Turner TECORupter Interrupter Attachments
  • Operated with Swing Handle, Gear Box or Motor Operator

Product Details


Application The AVRV is often used in three-phase line or substation applications such as transformer or line disconnecting, breaker isolating, bypassing or bus sectionalizing. The AVRV can be operated by either manual control or by motor operator. The AVRV can also be used in a variety of mounting conditions where a vertically operated small footprint switch is required.
Material Aluminum
Type Vertical Break

Electrical Ratings

Current Rating
  • 1200 A
  • 2000 A
  • 3000 A
Voltage Rating
  • 38 kV
  • 48.3 kV
  • 72.5 kV
  • 123 kV
  • 145 kV
  • 170 kV

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