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69kV Optical Power Sensor & Sectionalizer

69kV Optical Power Sensor & Sectionalizer

Drastically improve outage and SAIDI performance with enhanced features

Experience superior optical power quality monitoring and secure automated switching for 46kV to 69kV overhead sub-transmission applications. Our fully integrated Hubbell package saves you valuable time, effort, and overall project costs. It combines optical sensors and remote terminal unit (RTU) equipment with superior motor operator and air break switch assemblies.

  • Obtain rapid and reliable faulted circuit detection through highly accurate, real-time bi-directional power flow and fault event monitoring
  • Isolate faulted segments immediately and restore non-faulted segments
  • Reduce rolling blackouts by improving system overload conditions management
  • Speed up time to repair
  • Improve work crew safety and reduce fire risk using optical technology
  • Troubleshoot harmonics and other power quality issues faster
  • Monitor dynamic power flow conditions of DERs with SCADA
  • Reduce outage minutes with available Auto-sectionalizing option

Achieve better outage performance today. We make the purchase easy for you with our complete solution, and just one contact if there’s a problem. Contact us to find out how to build your perfect turnkey 69kV sensing & sectionalizing kit.

Sensors that deliver unmatched safety and accuracy

Sensors that deliver unmatched safety and accuracy

Our state-of-the-art 69kV sub-transmission optical sensors and M410 RTU equipment measure bi-directional power flow, power quality and report fault events.

  • Systems requiring fault detection, isolation, sectionalizing, and smart switching capabilities
  • Systems requiring optical power monitoring with sub-transmission SCADA automation
  • Systems requiring renewable integration to comply with environmental regulation
  • Systems in need of advanced wildfire risk mitigation
Experience great thinking inside the box

Experience great thinking inside the box

Our FlexMO motor operator and USCO/Turner air break switch assemblies enable rapid isolation and sectionalizing of faulted segments.

  • Motor control produces up to 20,000 in-lbs. operating torque to operate 90° in 0.5 seconds, the widest operator capability range on the market
  • Easily set up open and close setpoints with integrated position sensor for real time VOP position updates
  • Enjoy variable speed control and eliminate switch momentum at end of the cycle
  • Local/Remote switch automatically locks out when crank handle is inserted
  • Wide variety of reliable break switches for any application and installation