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Wildlife Mitigation Solutions

wildlife mitigation solutions greenjacket

Wildlife Mitigation

Wildlife contact with high voltage equipment causes up to 20% of all power outages. The cost impacts of these unplanned interruptions can be very significant for utilities and their connected customers. Impacts can result in significant equipment damage, lost revenue, regulatory fines, and safety risks, just to name a few. Hubbell is focused on providing solutions to prevent these types of outages, protect critical infrastructure and keep the power flowing. We do this by taking a collaborative approach to truly understand customer needs and expectations, business impacts, risk tolerance, and budget constraints to provide the most effective wildlife mitigation solutions available through the Greenjacket and Reliaguard brands.

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wildlife mitigation solutions greenjacket

Assessing Your Risk

Approximately 20% of all power outages are caused by wildlife. Outages can impact safety, cause business interruptions, require equipment replacement and affect reputation. Hubbell’s Wildlife guards protect critical equipment and prevent animal and bird caused outages that occur due to contact with energized risk points.

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wildlife mitigation solutions greenjacket

Selecting a Solution

When you are assessing the best solution for Wildlife Mitigation on Distribution equipment, we can help you make the decision. Hubbell’s Wildlife Mitigation Business Unit is the industry expert in helping customers understand the best solution for their risk tolerance. We have field linemen and design experts and evaluate each substation, each piece of equipment and measure the risk against a customer’s risk tolerance. It is our job to educate customers on what risk really means. Greenjacket is used in substations. Reliaguard is predominantly used on the powerline.


Wildlife guards protect critical equipment and prevent animal and bird caused outages that occur due to contact with energized risk points.

Reliaguard Image
Reliaguard Image

Reliaguard for Distribution

Reliaguard has a comprehensive portfolio of pre-molded guards and wildlife mitigation products for common equipment on distribution lines and in substations

  • Proprietary Formulations
  • UV Stable
  • Flame Retardant(UL 94 V0) – Won’t burn or drip
  • Track Resistant – 1000 hrs. Energized Salt Fog
  • Installation Friendly Designs
  • RUS Approved
  • Meet specific test criteria of IEEE 1656 Guide
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Greenjacket Image

Greenjacket Substation at a Glance

Greenjacket is a custom, made-to-order, precise fit cover-up solution for substations that is made based on the actual dimensions of the underlying equipment.

  • IEEE 1656 – meets specific test criteria
  • Precise-Fit…Can fit any type of equipment, configuration or unique connection
  • Over 1500+ molds for product parts
  • 95% reduction of all wildlife caused outages over a 10 Year Period at Berkshire Hathaway owned AltaLink – Case Study Available
  • Evaluate Station Risk – high outage history, critical station status
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Reliaguard Image