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Customer Policies

Freight Claims

Thank you for purchasing Litecontrol light fixtures. In the event you receive damaged goods or have material lost in shipment, following are guidelines for filing a freight claim:

  1. Inspect and count merchandise upon receipt. Do not refuse the shipment.
  2. Visible damage or lost material should be noted on the freight bill when the material is received along with the description of the external damage.
  3. The carrier’s signature will acknowledge that the damaged or missing material has been reported.
  4. Concealed or visible damage would require a written request for an inspection by the carrier’s agent within 15 days of delivery.
  5. If a justified claim remains unresolved by a carrier, Litecontrol will work with the consignee to get an appropriate resolution from the carrier.

Ballast Issues

Ballasts are warrantied by the ballast manufacturers. If a ballast fails during the warranty period and it was operated under the appropriate circumstances, it will be replaced by the ballast manufacturer. The contractor or owner should report the failure to the appropriate ballast manufacturer. The phone number of the manufacturer is located on all ballasts.

Terms & Conditions

Download Litecontrol's complete Terms & Conditions

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