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By Metron 
By Metron
Model LXi-1700 is a combined automatic and manual part winding fire pump controller, applied where the capacity of the power source does not permit full voltage starting of the motor. The controller is used with special six (6) lead squirrel cage motors designed for part winding starting. These motors have two parallel stator windings. The motor is started with one winding connected to the line. This winding typically develops approximately 65% of its normal inrush current and 42% of its normal starting torque. After a time delay, the second winding is connected to the line in parallel with the first winding. Then the motor will develop its normal running current and rated torque.
  • LXi Microprocessor Logic & Control
  • Coordinated design engineered, built, tested and labeled by one manufacturer
  • Suitable for use as service entrance equipment
  • Full compliment of visual indicators
  • Communications port
  • LCD display shows simultaneous reading of all phases for amps and volts, and system pressure
  • Full range of horsepower ratings and voltages
  • Ample cable bending space