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By Metron 
By Metron
Model LXi-1900 is a combined automatic and manual wye-delta reduced current fire pump controllers applied where the capacity of the power source does not permit across-the-line starting of the motor. The controllers are used with special six (6) or twelve (12) lead squirrel cage motors designed for wye-delta starting.The motor is started connected in wye, drawing approximately 33% of the locked rotor current and producing approx. 33% of its locked rotor torque. After a short time delay, the controller transitions the motor to the delta connection. The motor current & torque jump to the across-the-line current & torque at the speed at which the transition takes place. The current quickly falls to its normal running current as the motor accelerates to full speed.
  • LXi Microprocessor Logic & Control
  • Coordinated design engineered, built, tested and labeled by one manufacturer
  • Suitable for use as service entrance equipment
  • Full compliment of visual indicators
  • Communications port
  • LCD display shows simultaneous reading of all phases for amps and volts, and system pressure
  • Full range of horsepower ratings and voltages
  • Ample cable bending space