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By Metron 
By Metron
The M15 Jockey (or make-up) Pump Controllers are in the same system as the main fire pump controller(s). Their purpose is to maintain normal water pressure and to help prevent unnecessary cycling of the main fire pump(s). The M15 series Jockey Pump Controllers are listed to UL 508 Standard for Industrial Controls. Each controller contains an externally operable horsepower rated motor circuit protection device, a motor contactor and a door mounted hand-off-auto switch all housed in a NEMA 2 drip proof enclosure. The M15A and M15B Jockey Pump Controllers include a 6-230 psi pressure switch with independent high and low set points for automatic starting and stopping. The pressure switch is piped to an external 1/4" NPT connector. The M15A incorporates a control power transformer and run period timer. The M15B omits the run period timer and the control power transformer.
  • Externally operable motor starter protector
  • Hand-off-auto selector switch
  • 6-230 psi pressure switch
  • Control power transformer
  • Minimum run period timer
  • NEMA 2 Enclosure

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