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Off-Highway Truck Resistors

Braking resistors suitable for off-highway or mining trucks must sustain severe operating conditions. Resistors must be designed to withstand considerable mechanical shock and vibration, but include design features that limit excessive weight and space. Typical environments include frequent exposure to rain, snow and ice with road conditions that create persistent dirt and debris. Units must be designed to endure the above criteria and also meet the electrical and thermal cycling parameters of our customer’s specification.

Off-Highway Truck

Our standard design focuses on the importance of the resistor element and its reliability. The element design is critical and we consider our element superior to any other product available on the market. Powerohm Mining Resistors feature a continuous ribbon with no breaks or welds featuring a unique embossment pressed into the element that insures mechanical rigidity during extreme duty cycles. Powerohm has finally developed a mining resistor that is suitable for an extreme mining environment.

Main Features

  • - Powerohm designs feature a continuous folded ribbon with no welds
  • - Robust Stainless Steel Terminals are compressed and TIG welded
  • - Heavy Duty Framework withstands high vibration and shock
  • - Unique element embossment allows for superior strength and durability
  • - Non-breakable insulation exclusively used throughout the design