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Warranty / Terms and Conditions

800-LIGHT-IT (800-544-4848)


If you are experiencing problems with your product supplied by Security Lighting please call 800-LIGHT-IT (800-544-4848) and ask for the warranty department.

Please gather the following information prior to contacting us to expedite warranty fulfillment:

  1. National Store Number and/or store address
  2. Location of the light, interior or exterior
  3. Identification of fixture types requiring service

Security Lighting will search its data base first to locate the required sale documents to verify warranty eligibility. If unsuccessful, Security Lighting will call you to request the name of the General Contractor and/or Electrical Contractor and will contact them to obtain the necessary information. Once we have located the original Sales Order, the warranty product will be ordered.

Security Lighting LED fixtures are warrantied for 5 years from the purchase date. Prior authorization is required before warranty fulfillment can be completed.

*All Security Lighting LED fixtures are covered by a comprehensive 5 year warranty, including LED modules and drivers.*

Security Lighting Warranty / Terms and Conditions of Sale

Security Lighting Systems Warranty Team

Jaime Coplon
Customer Service Specialist
P: 800-544-4848 x 5143
D: 847-499-5143
E: JCoplon@securitylighting.com
Maria Wasilik
Customer Service Specialist
P: 1-800-544-4848 x 152
E: MWasilik@hubbell.com
Lois Schaak
Administrative Support
P: 800-544-4848 x 136
D: 847-499-5136
E: LSchaak@securitylighting.com