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Frequently Asked Questions



Weatherproof Boxes & Covers


Can a 15 Amp GFCI be installed in a 20 Amp circuit?
Yes, it has a 15 Amp device face, and has a 20 Amp pass through for protecting devices wired to the load side of the GFCI.

Does the NEC require Extra Duty covers for all 15A and 20A devices?  And does BELL or TayMac offer them?

Yes, the 2014 NEC® requires ALL 15A and 20A devices located in wet locations to have Extra Duty rated In-Use covers.  Both TayMac and Bell have selections of Extra Duty rated In-Use covers that meet this new requirement.

Can TayMac's plastic covers be painted?
Yes, we recognized that customers want this capability and we selected materials that accept paint.

Is silicone sealant required for installation of weatherproof boxes and covers?
A Silicon sealant has to be used with weatherproof box closure plugs and other areas per installation instructions.

Will covers hold up to the heat of the sun?
All our covers are made of materials that withstand the effects of sunlight.

Can metallic weatherproof boxes and covers be installed in wet cement?

Metallic weatherproof boxes are made of Aluminum and will chemically react with the cement causing degradation.  A tar based coating can be applied to the box to insulate the aluminum from the cement.