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Hubbell Snap Connect Receptacles

Hubbell SNAPConnect® Receptacles

SNAPConnect® is the ideal solution for larger projects with the potential for future change outs. From new construction and renovation to demanding locations, SNAPConnect’s modular design eliminates exposed live parts and replaces pigtails, which ensures consistent, safe and reliable connections during rough-in installation. Once walls are up, the protective covering is removed and the connector is simply snapped into the device. Going forward, the modular design supports simple device change out by maintenance personnel.

Hubbell Snap Connect Receptacles
Hubbell Snap Connect Receptacles
Hubbell Snap Connect Receptacles

Features and Benefits

Save up to 5 minutes per receptacle and complete your job in a SNAP

  • Eliminates device wiring at trim out, allowing journeymen to focus on more critical tasks
  • Ability to energize and test circuits at rough-in and resolve issues during less critical project stages
  • Widest breadth of modular devices on the market

Steps for Installation:

  1. Rough-in the SNAPConnect® terminal instead of pigtails. Save one minute
  2. Remove the protective packaging, attach the SNAPConnect® device to the circuit. Save over three minutes
  3. Secure the mounting screws, attach the wallplate and the job is complete. Save over a minute


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